Advantages and Disadvantages of Chatbots

How AI-Powered Chatbots Drive Customer Satisfaction in Healthcare If you’re feeling anxious or down, a chatbot can help you make appointments and get the help you need. Chatbots can be used to provide support and information to people who are experiencing mental health issues. They can also help people with mental health issues connect with […]

AI in Digital Marketing AI expectation vs reality

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing Campaigns for Enterprises Don’t get me wrong—there’s no single «AI platform» that will meet all of your needs. Every platform serves a different purpose, and with the rate AI is advancing, nearly every platform will deploy AI in some shape or form in the coming years. That said, […]

Chatbots In Education: Applications Of Chatbot Technologies

AI Chatbots for Education: Corporate Training, Higher Education and K-12 Students now have access to all types of information at the click of a button; they demand answers instantly, anytime, anywhere. Technology has also opened the gateway for more collaborative learning and changed the role of the teacher from the person who holds all the […]

Chatbots in Hospitality and Travel Industries

ChatGPT in Travel: Enhancing Personalization From travel bookings, real-time service requests to instant query resolution, automate processes across sales and customer support with a travel bot. A WhatsApp chatbot can help customers in taking an informed decision in the midst of the plethora of options available for flights as well as helps in avoiding confusion […]